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Valentino Bride Braid

Here’s the how-to video for creating this look.Just a quick tutorial on creating the Valentino Bride hairstyle. Makayla is funny with her expressions on this one. She was enjoying herself even if she didn’t necessarily look like it! hahaThanks for looking.michon :)

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I was inspired by this hairstyle.This is my middle daughter Makayla who has the perfect hair to try this out on.I didn’t put as much backcombing into it as I would have if she had been needing to keep it in good shape for an actual wedding but it was a fun trial for a [...]

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…

Okay,Here we go.If you love all things beauty related and enjoy surfing for beautiful images I hope to be a source for you.If you hate typos and grammatical errors, you are going to hate this blog. Consider yourself warned! :DI am working on finding a better location to photograph my work and hoping to bring [...]

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