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Aunt Denny’s Peanut Brittle

This is a little more involved than the last two Christmas Recipes but if you like peanut brittle you should give this recipe a try. I have been told by Peanut Brittle connoisseurs (aka my stepfather) that it is their favorite.Aunt Denny says it is all about the cast iron pan. Honestly it is the [...]

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Christmas Mice

A dear client of mine gave me one of these cute little guys several years ago, BP (before Pinterest).They were so cute! I had to recreate them.And I have every year since.They are time consuming but they are relatively easy.Here are some pictures and some directions that should get you on your way relatively quickly.Here [...]

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Christmas Cheeseball

This post is arriving a couple of days early as I wanted a chance to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Over the next couple of days I will be posting my three favorite Christmas recipes that I include on all my holiday trays. The other two will not come to your inbox. But [...]

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Happy Hands & Cuticles (Winter Edition)

Hands in particular are exposed and at risk for dry, chaffing, irritation and sometimes cracking skin during this cold season. We are washing them more than usual to ward off cold and flu germs. We are drinking less water, which is what our skin, hair and nails need the most. And your oil glands typically [...]

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Winter Hair Woes

As per my post last week, skin is not the only thing that suffers in the winter. Hair also gets compromised by these cold, dry, arrid conditions. Hair is simply dead skin cells. It grows approximately a quarter inch a month. So the longer your hair is the longer it has been in the scalp, [...]

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Facial Night

So we had a fun, if not eventful, night this evening...We tried the wonderful avocado mask that I recommended a few nights back with mixed results.Two of my fairest, most sensitive skin girls were pretty red and sensitive.My youngest ended up with small welts on her cheeks!We all exfoliated as directed, the only difference was [...]

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Beautiful Winter Skin

It seems like such an oxymoron to have this lovely wet and cold weather and yet have your skin dry out! I know we all suffer from it in one form or another. Whether it is your chapped lips, cracked heels, or itchy back, none of it is fun. Here are my best tips for [...]

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