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Nail News

You will be happy to hear that UV lights that cure the instant dry nails are not harmful. When I decided to venture back into offering nail services I worried that I may be putting my clients at risk so I researched the subject.This new study from Dec 2012 set my mind at ease.
UV Nail Lamps Don’t Appear to Cause Skin Cancer

 Assuming 10 minutes of use per UV nail lamp session — a common length of time of use — the researchers calculated that it would take 250 years of weekly UV nail sessions to equal the risk of exposure associated with one course of narrowband UVB treatments for certain kinds of skin conditions.Based on this finding, the researchers concluded that UV nail lamps do not play a substantial role in the risk of developing keratinocyte carcinoma.

*(correction to above site quote, my gel cures for 6 minutes and 10 seconds per hand)*

This was my “planned entry” for a blog post that I had slated for May, right before peak pedicure season. But I decided in light of Dr. Oz’s recent episode on the dangers of gel manicures that I should put it out there now instead.
I am not sure how far in advance Dr Oz tapes his television program but I am wondering if he ever got the memo from the latest research regarding UV lights and gel manicures. I wrote to his producers and shared the above link with them to see if they had had a chance to look into this. I have not heard back from them to date and I am pretty sure I won’t but I had to speak up about my feelings regarding that episode. It is sad that TV works the way that it does and that the producers for Dr. Oz feel that the only way to sell his show is by sensationalism. Most of that particular episode was designed to gross you out and incite fear.
That being said, I do have to agree with his reporting on several issues.

  1. You get what you pay for, we (us, women) know that when we choose to go to a “chop shop” (this is what “we in the industry” refer to them as), you are asking for it. I am not going to call any place out. We all know who “they” are. They are assembly line workers. They get you in and get you out as fast a possible (which is what some people love about them) but they are not the most sanitary, skilled or professional environment. 
  2. Un-neccessary roughness to the nails when removing the gel manicure should never be tolerated. There is no need to be abrasive to the cuticle when removing the gel. In fact when following manufactures directions your technician should remove the gel from the cuticle to the end of the nail. The only time a “skilled manicurist” would be going from the tip of the nail to cuticle would be to “gently” push the cuticles back after having soaked them in a soapy bath for the purpose of removing overgrowth of cuticles. 
  3. Un-neccessary roughness to the nail plate before applying the gel manicure should not be tolerated either. A soft white buffer that barely removes any cuticle that has been removed from the base of the nail is all that should be done on top of the nail plate. The part of the episode that  said that these manicures would weaken your nails is untrue. If done properly your nail plate should be minimally effected. In fact, the top coat being applied will greatly strengthen your nails and allow them to grow naturally much longer than you can on your own. 
  4. Implements are an issue that I believe many “chop shops” short cut on. If you do not see your implements being removed from a sterile drawer or a barbicide bath, walk away. I did agree with his report that it would be excellent idea to bring your own implements if you want that peace of mind and you are unsure of the place you are frequenting. I give my clients the files, buffers and toe separators that I use on them to bring again if they would like. My environmentally conscience clients do bring them back and we use them again on the next visit. Otherwise Nevada state board requires that we throw all of that away. 
  5. I have seen some of the infections that where shown on his big screen that made all the audience oh and ah. I have three words for you: VICKS VAPOR RUB! I have had client after client come to me with fungus of that nature under their toenails, taking prescription medicine that was not working  for them having tried oils and potions galore. I would recommend Vicks on their toes before bed with socks and Viola! The fungus is gone before the next pedicure! The Eucalyptus, Menthol, and Camphor, mixed with the carrier oil that stays put like petroleum jelly is perfect for removing Fungus. That being said, however, I would not want to go someplace that isn’t properly sanitizing their foot baths and get it, so beware. Also be aware that there is a simply cure if you get it!  Please know that you can get a fungus from the gym, your children can get it from school, dance class, the list goes on. It is curable.
  6. In the 30+years I have been doing nails I have NEVER seen anyone come in or had any complaints of staph infection. This is new to me. Again, I follow the law requiring me to properly cleanse and sanitize my implements between each appointment. The only nail clients that I have ever had through the years that had issues with any type of infections at all were all nurses. That leads me to believe it is more about what “they” are exposed to on a daily basis rather than what “we” were all doing on their nails. Just my opinion there. But 30 years is a long line to draw from IMO. 😉
So at the end of the day I hope you will find some peace of mind in knowing that you do not have to give up your beautiful long lasting manicure. That going to lunch with the girls and doing pedicures together is still a luxury that you can enjoy without fear or worry. And that sometime even those we look to for advice are wrong on occasion. 
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