Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever

Do you get that overwhelming feeling of wanting to ‘break out’ this time of year? The warmer weather we have had over the last couple of days seems to make it even worse. Many of my clients start to get anxious and decide they need a change. Some come in with some pretty drastic changes in mind for their hair, but, is it the right move for you? When you look at the big picture of where you want your hair to be by summer you need to take a few things into consideration before you let someone get carried away at the mixing bowl or with the scissors.

  1. Maintenance. How often do you want to be seeing your stylist in order to keep the style looking fresh? The longer your hair is, the easier it is to go a little longer between haircuts. Short hair cuts really do self destruct in 4-6 weeks. Hair grows a 1/4 inch per month. This can be the difference between a spunky, sassy style with “tude”, to a limp overgrown look that is mediocre. Give some serious thought before chopping off too much and then spending the rest of your winter months bluer than you might have been. 
  2. There’s an app for that! There are several fun apps available for your smart phones that may help you decide on a new style or color. Simply take a picture of yourself with your phone and then import your picture into the app and shop around. Fun way to “see yourself” with a new look before taking the plunge and being too surprised. Here is a short list of ones I found available for your iphone or droid. Hairstyle LiteMagic MirrorFun and FashionSmart Hairstyle and one for your computer if you are not a phone junky like some of us, InStyle Makeover.
  3. Coloring. This is a great time of year for low lights. You are still out of the sun most of the time this time of year so it is easier to maintain the rich lowlights you can achieve with a low peroxide, conditioning color that will fade much less this time of year. By summer it will have naturally lifted enough so you won’t have trouble when you want to lighten it again for summer. A nice subtle change that won’t fry your hair. 
  4. Deep conditioning treatment with a trim. This is a great way to breath new life into your hair. It is amazing what just a quarter to an eighth of an inch can do to make your hair feel so much better. Add to that, a deep conditioning treatment and you have a new do that is sleek, shiny, polished feeling and will last you a couple of months through the rest of this deep freeze. 
  5. Take baby steps. If you are contemplating making a drastic change talk to your stylist about making the changes over several appointments. Take a picture with you and consider their recommendations. Drastic changes done too quickly can be disastrous! Just see what January Jones (the Mad Man movie star) has to say about her impulsive style change and her hair falling out in clumps! 
The way you feel about your hair is very closely connected to your mood. When your hair looks good you feel good. Beware! Remember, you will have to live with this drastic change for months to come. However, if you are of the mind set that “it is only hair” by all means have fun! What else is there to do on these long days but spend time in the salon mixing it up a bit! 🙂
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This post has been published in the Galena Times Newspaper/ Spring Edition 2013
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