The Red Carpet Facial

Remember watching the Oscars a few weeks ago and thinking how beautiful all of the movie stars looked? With their glowing flawless skin and perfect makeup?  They prep for these events like nothing else. And one the most sought after procedures is the microcurrent facial.  What is a microcurrent facial and how is it different? 

  1.   It improves circulation.
  2.  Boosts the natural production of collagen and elastin.
  3.  Increases the production of amino acids and ATP, accelerating cell repair and renewal.
  4. Improves muscle tone, providing lifted facial contours giving a youthful look. 
  5.  Detoxifies and improves texture and clarity.
  6.  Diminishes lines, wrinkles, and revitalizes skin with increased hydration. 

This technology is probably one of the best leading technologies in the industry of skincare for the 20th century. The current is a low level, completely painless, electrical current that mimics the body’s own electrical current. Unlike the galvanic facials of old with uncomfortable pulses, this current is barely noticeable.  Microcurrent increases the oxygen, blood supply, and the ATP to the skin, which is accomplished by use of metal probes or silver threaded gloves (my preferred method) for a facial massage, so to speak. There are several studies on the technology of microcurrent. This one speaks to the increase of the ATP and the oxygen to the skin and cells. This one gives examples of cutting edge technology involving healing of wounds because of the oxygen that microcurrent delivers to the site of a wound. This is also what it delivers to healthy skin, thus producing well fed skin cells, and smoother, finer, and better looking skin!
So now you know one of their many beauty secrets! And you can say you heard it here! Thanks for stopping by my blog. If you have any questions about microcurrent or any type of facial for that matter, please leave a question or comment in the space below! Have a great week! 
Michon 🙂

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