Surprising Acne Causers!

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Surprising Acne Causers!

In honor of some of my favorite Reno clients, teenagers,  I thought this would be a timely post for you, since you’re out of school and actually have time to check the blog!  🙂
A new landmark compilation of studies has been done showing that 50 years of research may in fact prove once and for all that there is a link between diet and acne. The study is showing that we should be looking at diet, in combination with hormones. And you may be surprised by a few of the culprits at the source of the problem.

  1. Milk is being called out as one. One particular study showed a definite link between teenage boys and the consumption of milk.
  2. Eating a diet high on the GI index (glycemic index). These foods would include processed sugars of any kind and even breads and potatoes. Here is a complete list of high GI foods to avoid. 
  3. Fish Oil. Although it is suppose to be great for your health in every other way some studies are popping up showing that it actually increases the production of testosterone, which is a huge culprit in the cause of acne for teenagers in particular.
  4. Eat more soy products. Soy creates more estregon in the body than whole proteins such as beef and chicken. This is recommended more for teens and not adults. (Adults should shy away from soy, due to the breast cancer connection for now).  It will give you the protein you need without the added testosterone. 
  5. Not enough water. Your skin is comprised of 90% water. If your diet is not in sink with this ratio that could add to your problem. Try to keep your diet, water based, lots of fruits and veggies. Raw, preferably and if you hate them raw try to steam them lightly, to retain as much moisture and vitamins as possible. 
Sadly this may or may not be the cure, or end to the dislike of your skin at the moment. But it may help a bit. I am very passionate about this subject, having such a problem as I did as a teen. And I have three daughters that are struggling with the same issues, so this subject is very near and dear to my heart.
Thanks for checking in on my blog. If you have any tips or ideas that have helped you to get closer to your ideal skin and avoid acne I would LOVE to hear them. 
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