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Gardening Hands Helps

Tis the season to be gardening! The gardening season here in Reno is short, so I know you are all madly digging in right now! Digging in the dirt and keeping up with the weeding can be very hard on your hands. Dirt and mud are a vacuum for moisture, and the deadheading can leave your nails stained and nasty looking. However, I know that you die hard gardeners are not about to let those little inconveniences slow you down.  Here are a couple of tips to help keep your hands from telling the world what a Green Thumb you are.

  1. Put a heavy moisturizer on under your gloves. Use one that is more of an ointment than just a hand lotion. Even petroleum jelly is better than nothing. My favorite moisturizer is the Mango Mend that I spoke about in this post. By providing your hands with this protective barrier, you will greatly decrease the drying effect that dirt will have on your skin and cuticles. 
  2. Keep your tools with you. Use a little bucket like you would if you were going to the beach and fill it with the necessary tools to do the job. A small shovel, a pair of utility scissor and a pick or a screwdriver is usually enough to keep you from doing something that may end up with a broken nail. Your nails are especially fragile when they are already moist.
  3. Be careful when digging. This goes along with number 2 but it bears repeating. Don’t get tempted to just start digging away with your hands instead of using your handy little shovel. It only takes one puncture from running into something unexpectedly to end up with an infection that could take weeks to recover from. 
  4. Paint your nails. This sounds ridiculous but if you think about it, a couple of extra layers of lacquer over your nails is going to strengthen them. Less chipping and splitting is always the better solution when you are talking about the health of your nail bed.  Go ahead, it is a good excuse to primp. 
  5. I saved the best for last. I have found a miracle cure for dull, yellowing, dirty nails. It is called Bar Keepers Friend. It is a scouring scrub that is designed for cleaning your stainless steel but it also happens to be an amazing nail whitener! I use it at my manicure station at the salon to get my clients nails as white as possible! Simply make a paste and dig your nails into it and allow the paste to stay under your nail for at least 5 minutes. 

That is all I have for this week. Please leave me a comment if you have a trick that works for you while you are gardening to keep those hands in decent shape. I would love to hear them! 
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See you next week 
Michon 🙂
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