Burning Man Hair Part 2

Burning Man Hair Part 2

I love living vicariously through my brave friends that dare to attend that glorious art gallery called Burning Man every year. It is on my bucket list. I love watching as the pictures start to download on Facebook and to the internet through other media sources. If you have never heard of it or want to learn more about it here is the website. I love looking at everyone’s costumes and the things they end up doing or not doing with their hair. It amazes me to see how people are allowing their hair to get completely trashed for an entire week! Some of the folks I saw are not going to get that out of their hair with anything less than a major haircut!
Alkali is primarily what the playa is made of. It opens the cuticle of the hair shaft making it dull and rough feeling. You could actually perm someone’s hair with that playa dust! Then of course you would have to neutralize it with an acid rinse to get it to stay for a while.
Now that you are back from the Black Rock Desert and ready to return to reality it is time to put the “life” back into your hair that the playa dust took.
  1. The best way to neutralize the alkali is with an acid of course. I suggest after a nice gentle shampooing or two that you rinse with an acid rinse of either apple cider vinegar or lemon or lime juice. Don’t let them stay on for longer than a minute and rinse. This will close the cuticle of your hair shaft and begin the repair process.
  2. Follow step one with a heavy conditioner. You know something very thick and luxurious. My favorite for this job is Hydrate Hydra Whip by Pureology. The directions say to leave it on 2-5 minutes but I would suggest an hour or so to just let your hair attempt to re-coop some sense of moisture.
  3. Try not to wash it or dry it out anymore than possible. If you can go a couple of days and let the natural oils return to your hair and scalp all the better. If you have to wash daily I would again suggest the Hydrate Shampoo by Pureology.  There is a reason this shampoo is the number one seller in theses high desert dry climate states. It is gentle and moisturizing.
  4. When shampooing just work in at the scalp. That is where the dirt and oil build up. Don’t get a bunch of lather going on at the lengths of your hair. The shear action of the shampoo rinsing down through your ends is enough to cleanse any dirt that may be on those dry ends.
  5. Style au-natural for the next week or so.  The less heat tools the better. If you can possibly get by without drying, curling or ironing your hair for a week it will go a long way in helping to repair the ground you have lost over the last week.
  6. And finally get a trim! Nothing big, just a new end is all you need. By putting a new end on those tresses it will keep them from splitting. And while you are there ask about a professional deep condition treatment. We have in salon treatments that can do wonders for the playa blasted pony!
Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Hope you all had an amazing time on the playa. Can’t wait to see all of this years photos!
See you next time,
Michon 🙂

Mention that you read this article and book for a trim by Sept. 30th and you can receive a in salon ritual deep conditioning treatment for only $10 extra! That is a $25 savings! 😉
Special thanks to Natasha of Natasha’s World Jewelry for letting me use her photos for my blog the last two weeks!You rawk Natasha!


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  1. chante September 3, 2013 at 4:11 pm

    loved the article, I was always wondering about cider and what it did.
    wish I could get the DEEP CONDITION TREATMENT…LOL…..

  2. Michon Kessler September 5, 2013 at 2:38 pm

    We should do it next time! It will only take an extra 30 minutes!

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