When you tell your hairdresser you want your hair dusted or just a dusting, it means you want less than 1/4 inch off of your hair. The term I use with my clients is “You just want an new end. Right?!

Hair grows approximately 1/4 inch a month. That means if you are going in every 4 to 6 weeks for a “trim” and we/stylists are removing 1/4 an inch you are never going to progress in the direction of length if that is your ultimate goal. And let’s be honest. We all want long gorgeous hair.

And to be honest if my client does not convey to me that their goal is “longer the better”, I usually do cut off from and 1/8 to 1/4 an inch depending on what kind of health their hair is in. Health of hair depends on many factors but it does have everything to do with the amount of heat styling and the amount of detergent in the shampoo they are using as well as how hydrating and nourishing their conditioning regime is.

So to conclude. Ask for a dusting or just a new end if your end game is length.

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