Thinning hair is a problem for many folks. Like many things as we age, cellular turn over slows down. We do not heal as fast, we do not produce as much oil so our skin gets drier and the list goes on. Hair follicles often become weaker from many things. One of which is not enough circulation. When I first started studying all the “hair regrowth” formulas out there many of them spoke of how they stimulated the blood flow with chemicals and other “prescriptive” type products. Then I was told that you can use that product to regrow hair  but as soon as you stop using it your hair will go back to the way it was before. I simply was not comfortable recommending to my clients or  using on myself a chemical that close to my brain for the rest of my life. (Need to preserve the few brain cells I have left!)

Anyhow enter Christianne. She was a first time client (9 months ago) and she brought her own shampoo and conditioner with her. I didn’t think much about it until I started cutting her hair. As I am lifting and cutting I am noticing substantial new growth. I was just trimming the ends 12 inches from her scalp but at about 6 inches from her scalp was a ton of new hair. So I asked what any stylist would ask, “Did you have a recent surgery? Are you on new medication? What is with all this new hair?” She was elated! “Is there really new hair?” I reassured her I had not seen new growth like this other than some pregnancy cases in my years. So she shared that she had brought the shampoo and conditioner with her that day because that was what she started using six months ago and she believed it was working. And she wanted to know if I could somehow order it for her. You better believe the minute I had some time I was texting my rep Ryan and asking if he carried it.

If Christanne’s story was unique I would probably not be writing this post but as I have seen with countless clients, they are GROWING NEW HAIR! And it is phenomenal! I am so happy to have a product that I know that I can recommend with confidence, and it is Certified Botanical Organic and completely safe for them to use on their scalp for the rest of their lives!
Surface Awaken Line uses organic botanicals such as Cayenne pepper, mint leaf and peppermint oil to increase stimulation in their shampoo. Amino Acid Complex with Lysine for protein to strengthen new hair. This line also incorporates Saw Palmetto to strengthen hair follicles and reduce Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) DHT may cause Miniatunration of hair follicles resulting in weak, thinning hair and ultimately loss.

So when you are ready to grow more, stronger healthier hair give me a call! I love this new line and I will be happy to help you as Reno’s thinning hair specialist!

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