Common Hair Washing Mistakes

I know. It’s not rocket science but there are actually several mistakes you can make when it comes to lathering up your locks.

  1. When you shampoo your hair “Lathering up the ends” is unnecessary. The dirt, sebum and dead skin live at the scalp, not 12 inches out on your ends. So lather at scalp only, the shear action of the lather rinsing through your ends is enough to cleanse them.
  2. Condition the opposite way! Your ends need all the oil and nutrients. So condition from the ends in toward the scalp being very sparing with conditioner on your scalp keeping your scalp from getting oily, which brings us to…
  3. Don’t over wash your hair! Stripping your hair of its natural oil every day just leads to overactive sebum glands. Use dry shampoo between shampooing and try to go at least 2 days without washing. If you workout a lot, I recommend rinsing with warm water to ease your mind about the sweat and then use dry shampoo.
  4. When drying
  5. Go sparingly on the products. The more hairspray and gels you use the more drying it is on your ends and makes it more difficult to get away with two days on no washing. And use water-soluble products that won’t build up and cause flaking.

When I submitted my tips to an Outsider reporter I was pretty excited that she put them up! Another article published her as well. But I can’t remember where I saw it. Anyhow, check out the article, the other stylists also had some great tips to share.

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