Time Saving Beauty Tips

Time Saving Beauty Tips

Making extra time for myself is not getting any easier the older I am.  I find I am becoming more driven and passionate about my career that I put on the backburner while raising children. Also, I must work much harder at staying in shape since I reached the 50-year benchmark a few years ago. Since getting back to the gym recently I was looking for ways to cut time off of getting ready every day. Here are a few tips I hope you find helpful:

  1. I love dry shampoo, this one, in particular, OSiS+ Refresh Dust. It absorbs the extra oil and actually bodifies my hair for an extra day. I actually get more volume as well as more compliments on my hair these days.
  2. Often times my clients tell me that that they can’t go more than one day without shampooing because their bangs get greasy. Why not just wash your bang area. If you can just wash and blow-dry that first few inches of hair and either backcomb the back to keep the oily base from showing or wear a cap you are looking at about anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour of time.
  3. Hair twisting. Wash your hair. Towel dry well, Add mousse or gel such as OSiS+ Bouncy Curls and simply twist your hair into a few big loopy curls patterns and when your hair is dry just run your fingers through it to loosely break it up and you end up with a look like this! Depending on your commute it could easily be dry by the time you reach the office.
  4. Use a BB tint that moisturizes, is a sunscreen and acts like a light foundation. I love this one.Takes up less room in the gym bag!
  5. Use a sugar scrub in the shower. They are moisturizing and you won’t need to take the time to also moisturize! This one is one of my favorites but I love to switch them up and make my own using this recipe when I have free time.

Hope these help you carpe diem!

Thanks for stopping by the Biggest Little Beauty Blog.

M 🙂

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Michon Kessler has been doing hair most of her life. She is passionate about her craft and loves to take educational classes frequently to stay up to date with the latest, greatest styles. She is owner of Haven Salon Studios and an ASK Educator for Schwarzkopf Professional. She loves living here in The Biggest Little City and helping her clients to achieve the looks, color and style they desire. She specializes in color correction, and fine thinning hair solutions.