Bad Hair Day Tips

Photo by Vanessa Serpas on Unsplash

Photo by Vanessa Serpas on Unsplash

Bad hair days are the worst. Here are some of the ideas I offer to my clients for the few days before they can finally get in my chair.

  1. Tinted dry shampoo. Nothing else helps cover the roots and add a little volume like dry shampoo, it will absorb the extra oil and if needed there are brands that are tinted to cover up a much need root touch up. Bumble and Bumble is one of my favorite for the tinted version and Surface Trinity dry shampoo is my absolute favorite if you are not in need of color.
  2. Back-combing. This can conceal many problems, oily scalp, hair not wanting to go the right direction and it creates volume. This product is my favorite to use when I need a little more volume and grit to get my hair to not be so limp Osis Powder Cloud. In the industry, we call it backcomb in a bottle. 😉
  3. Often times you can twist and pinch the sides of the hair back, bobby pin them and you can have a completely cool looking updo or just sides back such as this.
  4. Never underestimate the power of props. Sunglasses, headbands. flowers and sparkly hairpins do wonders to distract people from what is really going on with your hair and that is has been almost a week since you washed it and they are super trendy!  haha
  5. When all else fails, wash your bangs in the sink and pull the rest back into a messy bun. Just doing a quick wash and blow dry on your bangs only makes the whole hairstyle look refreshed and perfect. And messy buns are all the rage! It is the art of trying without looking like you tried. I have pictures I did on my daughter here.
  6. I have curly hair and it is pretty phenomenal what I can accomplish by simply misting my hair with water or products such as Mister Right to reactivate the curls in my hair after sleeping on them.

Hope this help turn your frown upside down!! hehe

See you next time,

Michon 🙂

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Michon Kessler has been doing hair most of her life. She is passionate about her craft and loves to take educational classes frequently to stay up to date with the latest, greatest styles. She is owner of Haven Salon Studios and an ASK Educator for Schwarzkopf Professional. She loves living here in The Biggest Little City and helping her clients to achieve the looks, color and style they desire. She specializes in color correction, and fine thinning hair solutions.