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Platinum Hair Rules


Rules for going Platinum

Icy Blonde is definitely not a look that is going away any time soon. If this is something you are considering there are a few things you should consider before.

  1. You now have a standing appointment every 4 weeks for a touch-up. If you go any longer than that you will end up with banding, (banding: hair grows on an average ¼ inch a month, the heat from the scalp will allow this area to process to a nice pale yellow easily. If you wait longer the rest of the hair shaft will end up with a nasty orangey color that will need to be processed separately.)
  2. It is always more expensive than regular color services because we have to tone. So once the color is done, washed, rinsed, conditioned we then need to towel dry and basically do it all over again, add additional product. My fave is Ice Toner in the BlondMe Line in Schwarzkopf. That stays on for another 10 to 20.
  3. Then you need a mask. An additional expense but worth every penny if you expect to keep any length at all. So add another 20 minutes to your appointment and more $$.
  4. Purple shampoo is required. Depending on how frequently you shampoo you will want to use it every other time to keep the yellow from reoccurring. I have had the best luck for my clients with Blondme and Surface.
  5. The less heat the better. If you can allow your hair to dry naturally as much as possible the less likely it will start turning yellow.

So at the end of the month, you are looking at a double process at the price of $190, plus a deep condition for an additional $35 and cost of the products another $70 (products may last several months). Also, know that depending on the lighting the hair looks entirely different! This pic is of the exact same client in three different lights! It is crazy what a difference the lighting makes.

I hope this is helpful in your decision to make your dramatic entrance this holiday season!

Thank you for checking my blog!

Wishing you a White Christmas!

Michon 🙂

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Michon Kessler has been doing hair most of her life. She is passionate about her craft and loves to take educational classes frequently to stay up to date with the latest, greatest styles. She is owner of Haven Salon Studios and an ASK Educator for Schwarzkopf Professional. She loves living here in The Biggest Little City and helping her clients to achieve the looks, color and style they desire. She specializes in color correction, and fine thinning hair solutions.