Happy Hands & Cuticles (winter edition) Hands in particular are exposed and at risk for dry, chaffing, irritation and sometimes cracking skin during this cold season. We are washing them more than usual to ward off cold and flu germs. We are drinking less water, which is what our skin, hair and nails need the most. [...]

The Red Carpet Facial

Remember watching the Oscars a few weeks ago and thinking how beautiful all of the movie stars looked? With their glowing flawless skin and perfect makeup?  They prep for these events like nothing else. And one the most sought after procedures is the microcurrent facial.  What is a microcurrent facial and how is it different?   It [...]

Letter to Dr.Oz

I am very disappointed with your recent show on gel manicures.It looked to me like you were only showing “chop shop” manicure salons.  Where were the high end salons and spas?  I think the public would have been much better served by showing the difference between a high end salon that is running their business [...]

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Beautifully Sweet, NOT!

This weeks beauty tip will not only help you with your weight loss resolution but will help your skin look and feel younger! I came across this amazing study from the British Journal of Dermatology about sugar and the effects on the skin. Did you know that sugar actually attacks the elastin and collagen in [...]

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Beauty Resolutions

New year resolutions are not the easiest to keep. In fact many of the friends and clients I have spoken to claim they didn’t even bother with it this year. I decided to keep it simple and start with my face first. I have had problem skin my entire life so this comes from my [...]

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