Behind the Chair

Just sharing hair tonight! Cute messy bun on one of my sweet clients! I curl it all over and then add a little back combing, put it in the bun and then next day she can take it down or fix the bun. Sometimes lasts her three days.Ombre is one of my favorite techniques! This is [...]

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Eye Shadow Tutorial

Many of my clients tell me that they don't wear eye shadow because they don't know how to apply it. Here is a quick tutorial to get you started. You can go full blown as shown in the after picture or you can stop anywhere along the way and call it good depending on how [...]

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To A Beautiful New Year!!

I really do believe that what you are on the inside is what reflects to the outside.As we come into 2013 I hope you are all feeling as optimistic about the future as I am!Here’s to change and positive movement forward as we start our New Year’s Resolutions with some things that will benefit us [...]

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Aunt Denny’s Peanut Brittle

This is a little more involved than the last two Christmas Recipes but if you like peanut brittle you should give this recipe a try. I have been told by Peanut Brittle connoisseurs (aka my stepfather) that it is their favorite.Aunt Denny says it is all about the cast iron pan. Honestly it is the [...]

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Christmas Mice

A dear client of mine gave me one of these cute little guys several years ago, BP (before Pinterest).They were so cute! I had to recreate them.And I have every year since.They are time consuming but they are relatively easy.Here are some pictures and some directions that should get you on your way relatively quickly.Here [...]

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…

Okay,Here we go.If you love all things beauty related and enjoy surfing for beautiful images I hope to be a source for you.If you hate typos and grammatical errors, you are going to hate this blog. Consider yourself warned! :DI am working on finding a better location to photograph my work and hoping to bring [...]

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